Monday, December 13, 2010

Movie Night

Hey Fam,

Not sure where to start today with the short time that I have today and what I have to respond to other emails and this being the 2nd to last email before Ill be calling home! Gosh i cant believe Christmas is already here, I fell like I was just in the MTC getting snowed on but oh well! Thanks to all of you in UT for takin on all the snow for all of us missionaries here in Central America!! Its been pretty weird for me as Christmas approaches and theres no snow, for the first time in my life! Im actually not as lucky as some of the missionaries though because here in Valle de Àngeles its pretty dang cold and just ridiculous winds so it kinda stinks but it gives me a piece of what your all getting in UT i guess!
So about every crazy little thing that happened this week! On the bus ride back from Teguc last monday I started thinkin about an activity that we could do to involve not only the members but to get them to bring friends to this incredible church that we really do have! So what me and Elder Skoubye thought up is a Movie night in the church and to just watch the Restoration, or the Joseph Smith movie because we had plans to watch it with two investigators that we have anyways on wednesday but we really wanted to watch the full one and not just the 20 minute one. With time we figured that to give us enough time to make litteral invitations and get maybe a projector from the stake center in Teguc to project it all up on a wall in the church and have a big movie night basically! To make a long story short, we made a ton of invitations and passed out as many as we possibly could before friday and just hope on the fact that the branch president could get the projector from the stake center... well friday came and we were counting on a good 40 people to show up, we put 5 on the invitations so everyone would show up about 5:30 Honduras time if you know what I mean. Well at 5 we had 6 people and no investigators so we were gonna wait till the latest 5:45 and then start the movie. Well in the end we only had 30 in there when the movie started so that was a bit rough and then later our family of investigators showed up about 6 or so but luckily caught the just and purpose of the movie. It wasnt what we expected but it was fun and a way to get the members involved too as they brought about 3 or 4 new investigators or references for us to the movie which really helped and everyone loved it! After the movie we actually went with some of our investigators to walk them back to their house and to find out where they lived exactly and when we showed up, we met the mom cuz we knew if we could make a good impression with her, all of her kids who were teaching would get baptized. Turns to find out that about 2 years ago the missionaries had visited with her but nothing happened. However that night when we went over she wasnt feeling very good and as we asked if there was anything we could do, she said she would like just a prayer. Well we all know that we have something a little more powerful then just a prayer and we went in and explained about what the preistood is, and that its a power that we have, that God gave us to perform special blessings and things like that. Shortly after we sat her down and gave her a preistood blessing to get feeling better and when I finished the blessing I looked up and her 20 year old daughter that were teaching was crying, and then asked us for a blessing for her too, so by the end of the night we gave two preistood blessings and it really just made the night worth it for us! Just goes back to what I was saying last week that the lord has not only been putting people in our paths, but throwing them at us! Its been such a blessing for me and Elder Skoubye! We are loving life to say the least!
Some of the bad news of this past week is that the baptism we were suppost to have didnt happen cuz we had planned to teach the commandments on wednesday to him and when we did he told us he had drinkin coffee on tuesday so we decided to postpone till this saturday, but hes super positive and has a better understanding of keeping the commandments now!
Yesterday we got up early to get out and gather up our investigators beacuse it was the primary program and so we did all we could to get everyone there but satan got the best of us with one of them and made us late to another to pick up. Luckily this one lady that were teaching ended up leaving for the church at 8;30 to get there early and when we showed up she was there surrounded with members talking to her... just amazing to see!
Theres so much more that I could say but I think im gonna stop there and save things to talk about for Christmas....ahhhh 13 days! Cant believe it!
I hope this letter today was a testimony to all of you that are reading this that I really do know this is the true church and that Im loving life right now! This week is gonna be vital for us this week if we want to close out the year with a possibility of 5 baptisms all before christmas! Please keep us in our prayers this week that we can make it happen! It means more then the world to me to know that all of you are there supporting me! Thank you, each one of you!!

I love you all!!

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