Wednesday, October 6, 2010

General Conference

Hey Fam and Friends,
Obviously today isnt my Pday and here I am emailing but its just because we had no time to use internet in the city other then the 20 minutes I had in the morning and then when we got back to Sabanagrande somehow the internet had been knocked out because of the wind here I guess so we had no way to email so here I am.
Um just to jump into the update for this past week, it was awesome. We were in Teguc almost all week on divisiones and then all weekend for conference. I remember looking at this past weekend when we got the new september calendar and thinking it was so far away and now its already passed. Time is just going by way too fast. I just got my 4th calender already in the mission. I still feel like I just got here.
So this week we spend just as much time as we could visiting and inviting everyone that we could think of to come to the General Conference because the mission was helping us out with some money to pay for a bus to carry all the people that we could get to come to conference. With all the time that we spent traveling and going back and forth from Teguc and back it was really hard and we only had till wednesday and a couple hours thursday to gather everyone up before we took off to Teguc to stay for the weekend. Thursday we had our weekly district meeting and then booked it back to sabanagrande because we always have about an hour long bus ride everytime but it went really good. We set a companionship record for invites and lessons given in one day so we were really workin hard. Friday we had to be in teguc at 8 in the morning for a Zone Conference so we were up way early to catch the bus again and be there on time, plus we had to bring out suits and extra clothes and all that for the rest of the weekend cuz it wasnt worth it for us to go back an forth so much.
So anyways It was finally saturday morning and conference was about to start so we ran to one of the grocery stores down the street from the Zone Leaders house, where we stayed, and went to go buy us some treats and fatty snacks to eat while watching the conference. For conference we got our own room there in the stake center and all of us greengos just chilled and watched the english channel. I could go on forever about cool personal revelations that I got from the conference but I dont have time today.
Sunday morning showed and we were waiting for the bus with all of our members to come and sure enough at 930 they all show up and in a little van because turned out the bus driver couldnt come but they crammed 24 members, kids and all into a little rapidito van thing, of a non member... and showed. Its was such a miracle right there in front of us. I just love them all so much!!
I dont want to tell about a funny story that happened on suday night after dinner and sayin hi and checkin up on all the investigators of the zone leaders we were all walking back home together at like 9, all 6 of us. Theres this long dirt road that we walk down and it was late at night and there happend to be no one there on the road so one fo the elders said lets have a race.... good idea right, especially on the crappy dirt roads of Honduras. Well to make a long story short we started running and when I was slowing down at the end i stepped in this Honduras Pot hole and ate it hahah scraped up my elbow and knee real good and got my suit pants all dirty. To say the least... this weekend was a blast. We got to listen the good word of God and in english at that. Also to spend some good time with other missionaires and hear about their testimonies and conversion stories. It truely was an amazing weekend. 
We have a baptism this weekend of Camilo Mejia, the guy who I mentioned a couple weeks back. Well he has never stopped being just a miracle. When we visited with him last night we was on page 215 in the book of mormon and we gave him that book like 2 and a half weeks ago. Its truely been a miracle to watch him go from a drunk, to finding us, to giving him a book of mormon, reading one chapted with him, placing a baptismal date, to now only a couple days away from his baptism. So you can all look forward to those pics coming this next week!!
Thats pretty much it but I want you all to know I love you all so much and am grateful for your support and prayers!
Love Elder Gardner
Les quero mucho!!

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