Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 3 lost and found

Hola Fam!
Well seriously it feels like it was here in the Cyber just yesterday writing the last email just yesterday! So much has happened but the weeks just seem like one long day to be honest! Um where to start! We had divisions this week and since my comp is the District leader we went into Teguc and then me and another Elder Traveled back out to Sabanna Grande for the day and night and then would meet back up the next day in Teguc again... um what a day! Haha me and Elder Crabb, who has been out for 14 months now (he went into the MTC a week after Taylor) we both headed out to Sabanna Grande, had some lunch and then headed out for a day of a lot of contacting and 2 citas (appointments for you greenies) so after lunch we headed up to Aposonigua again for our first cita and then we were just gonna kinda talk with everyone on our way there. Ha um we found the house of Janette but she wasnt there.. just her 2 always naked kids and no Janette so obviously we couldnt stay there so just started walkin the trails and talked with people. We got called Testigos de Jehova (Jehovas Witnesses) by some borracho (drunk) and he had heard from someone that they Jehovas Witnesses were always giving out free bibles and he wanted his because he just loved to read haha that was interesting and to get him to stop following us and talking with us I just gave him 2 folletas (pamphlets) about the gospel and that satisfied him and he sat down on the side of the trail and started reading. The people here, especially the old people, all they do is drink and they always want to talk. Its frustrating and I think its more of our area then in others but ah everyone just loves to drink here. So anyways we kept walking because obviosly Elder Crabb didnt know the area and I was expected to know my way around from my 3 weeks of experience but we had to enter on the other side of Aposonigua for this ladies house so I was a little turned around, we planned to just make our way around to this other appointment we had but got sent up the wrong trail apparently and before we knew it we were pretty much on the top of the mountain haha... ah it was so gorgeous! I say that before we knew it we were on the top because litteraly every where you go here its a hike and it seemed normal but ah I forgot my camera cord this week so I cant send any pics, next week! So this trail ended up dead ending at this big dirt soccer field and it had been 2 and a half hours since we left our house. We had about an hour of daylight and we could hear the thunder. To say the least we were a bit worried and I felt like an idiot because I was supposed to know where to go but couldnt remember so we knelt down, said a prayer, and headed back home. We were mis lead by a native in the first place when we asked how to get back to the principal, which is just the main highway, and so we just started walking, booking it rather, and by a miracle we made it back in just over an hour and we still had about 10 minutes of day light! Thats my little fun experience for the week and wow we were dreanched is sweat and thirstier then ever but it sure was fun! The pics are INCREDIBLE too.
So good news for the week Laura Avila, one of our two investigators, showed up for church just after the sacrament and we were so happy to see her there. She even brought her daughter and sister with her so that was cool. Its like a good 45 minute walk from her house to where the church is so that was huge for us. We had given here Our search for happyness about a week ago and the book of mormon, and the proclimation to the family and she has turned into our little golden investigator. The only problem that we have is that she isnt married, has the one daughter, and her husband wont listen to our message. Were not sure what were going to plan on doing but i trust that the lord will provide the way for her and her husband if its right! I sure was stoked that she showed up to church though, that truely made my week! We had a total of 26 people in our church yesterday and gave 2 blessings. Iv never been so greatful for the preistood in my life! Truely the lord performs milagros (miracles) through the hands of his servants the missionaries!
Thats about it for me this week and Ill try to remember to send some pics next week but until then, thanks for the prayers and fasting this past week, it truely is working!
There are really really tough days, but really really good days tambien, i wish you could just see journal entries every night becasue thats where im able to record everything and still havent missed a day but yeah my journal is my best friend out here haha!
Anyways... hasta luego!

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