Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Single digit countdown!

Hola Familia!!

Its been really hard to think about what to say because I cant believe im on a single digit countdown until im headed out of the USA! But...I'll save the best news for last... um this week has been really really good. Me and my new companionship 3-some since being a zone leader and since Elder Price left has been amazing! Its Elder Farley, Elder Nelson and I now and we have really grown close through planning our lessons, practice teaching in nothing but spanish now and just studying together! Elder Farley is from Montana and Elder Nelson is from Brigham city. Both amazing of course! Being zone leaders together has been such a blessing, we work really good together!
Last night at the Devotional we had yet another Apostle, which makes 4 in just 9 weeks that Have been here, Elder Robert D. Hales! He gave a great talk about obedience and the power of the Holy Ghost and the impact and change it can make in the conversion processes in the next two years! Obviously there is a ton of things I could say about his talk but in the end what hit me the most was his strong, sincere testimony! He is truely an apostle of God!
The TRC went really good last week, It never fails that we get really nervous right before the TRC's but somehow the lord just puts the words into our mouths and we truely learn the vitality that we are supposed to teach to the needs of the investigators not plan out certain lines that we say... just put the trust in the lord and somehow...someway he puts those words into our mouths! Im so greatful for everything that the MTC provides. Our teachers I never say much about but they are both so amazing. Brother Staples and Sister Gutierrez! I wish I could have you all meet them!
Oh this week we got to look through a scrapbook from a missionary that served in our mission and wow... Honduras is soooo green! The pictures that he had were from hikes that he took and all kinds of cool places he went where he looked over just huge landscapes of Honduras! Ive truely never been sooo excited, nervous, anxious, and of course stoked to go to one place in my life!
Well this week went by wayyyyy too fast! I dont even know what to say about it other then of course the long awaited flight plans! So me Elder Belnap and Carter leave the MTC at 8:30pm monday night and just chill at the airport all night till 12:50am when our flight to Atlanta Georgia leaves, and then we are in ATL till 6 somethin... which I believe is like 4 our time. So I think what Im going to plan on doing is just call you monday night when we are settled in and waiting in SLC just because I dont know if you want me calling at like 4 in the morning?? Let me know what you think I should do. We end up arriving in Honduras at like Noon i believe and who knows if President is going to have us call when we get there or not but ya just let me know what you would rather me do!

Sorry I dont have much to say this week im just so stoked for this upcoming change and Im sure my first week in Honduras I will have a WHOLE lot more to say! So forgive me! I cant believe my time here is up and im headed out finally! We are all so stoked! You have no idea!

Love Elder Gardner

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