Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lots of rain

Alright where to start....
Well another short week out here in the field! Oh and we got a new house. Our Pila (the first attached picture) is alot smaller at this house but the house its self is really really nice compared to our other one. I have pics attached of it! I really cant believe its been 2 weeks tomorrow already. Time flys by when your busy i guess! We are trying to stay as busy as possible and its tough when we cant find us investigators in our area! We finally struck what we thought was success up in a village called Aposonigua (I think thats how you spell it, thats how it sounds) which is about a 3 mile HIKE up the mountain behind our house and some of the pics attached are from that hike that we have to take almost every day to teach these two families that we found. One is familia Avila, with Laura (the mom) with her one 6 year old daughter Alexandria and then the cousin of Alexandria, Lauras husbands brother, and it is just so crazy how we found them. We went up initially looking for and Hermana Silvia that we had talked to a couple days before and it was pouring down raind and we couldnt find her so we stopped at this house (familia Avila) and Laura of course imidiately invited us in and made us hot chocolate and everything and we felt like it would be good to at least sing a song with her and tell her what were doing and what our message is and she was totally accepting of it and same with her nephew, but the only problem that we have now is that her husband does not like us at all and so thats tought. Laura is the best ever though. Anyways so she told us where this other Hermana that we were looking for lived but she wasnt there when we left and it was getting late and we had that 3 mile hike back home so we got on our way but I have truelly been able to see the hand of the lord and how he puts us where we need to be at the right time. I know that to be true! This last week we were able to meet with her a couple times and she is totally accepting to everything and same with her nephew, who is 17, and on saturday we had an amazing lesson with her and got accross the message that she needs to be baptized but then her husband got home and we knew that it was time for us to go. So we will have to see if we can set a date and get her to come to church with us this next week maybe! She did say that is catholic and doesnt feel a need yet but its early and we just need prayers now to soften the heart of her husband. Were hoping to get her nephew too but im not sure how that will go. We didnt want to go to far saturday because her nephew was at work so it was only her. Wish us luck and keep her and us in your prayers this next week. This area that we are in has even been said by Pres. Chaverri to be the toughest area in the mission and we want so bad to show him up and find us a family but we cant! Ugh its frustrating but we are trying and trying to work in these circumstances now where it is raining every day where were at and tracting is impossible cuz when it RAINS and people dont want to let us in so its tough dealing with that!
This week has been fun and one heck of another adventure. I sometimes feel like were just camping and we eat the same stinkin thing every time. Sandwhiches, Aguacate (avacado) some ham and cheese, they are good but every stikin meal it gets old. Living an hour and a half away from everything we just have to live off of the pulperias (little stores i guess) and all they have is like juices, bread, some select meat, and cookies and candy. So we are trying to be creative and MOM the avacados really are soo dang good here. WOW! haha Um the clouds or Fog has taken over Sabannagrande and when that happens it just rains all the time so I have a pic of the streets and what it looks like with the fog everywhere, its soo cool but we only have a tin roof over our heads so it gets sooo dang loud when it rains in our house but iv always loved the rain its its cool. Our street is litterally a river when it rains. The language is coming really really fast. Im finally getting the point where I can almost understand everything for the most part but its just responding that I have the problem. I would have more pictures of the people but Im still just trying to get to know them and develop that friendship before I can get pics with them if you know what I mean. So I will work on that. Church was good this week, we just had it at our little chapel there in sabanna grande and we had a total of i think 14 there and I blessed the bread and water and then one of the new members, Noel, who I have become really close with passed it. He has been studying english at the University here so he pretty much understands everything and is in SabannaGrande every weekend so im able to help him out with everything when he comes over. Hes 20 and just waiting till feb to submit his papers because he has to be a member for a year before he can submit his papers. He is such a stud though!
Iv been having a lot of fun here and it only gets better. Every monday and thursday we have to travel back to Teguc to meet with our zone and today before email we played some soccer at the church, which was fun. I feel like sometimes we are starving ourselves because we dont have a Concinera, Cooking lady basically, so its tough. We are headed to got baliadas right after this though.
There is so much that I could talk about and im honelstly not going to be able to send an email like I did last time, every time obviously. But Im sending a buch of pics and hope they all work.
I need to emial everyone else now so until next week!
Thanks for all the support!
Love you alll soooo much!
Love Elder Gardner... Muah

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