Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"The field is white, ready to harvest"

Que Paso??
Ok so im not sure where to start with this email! Believe it or not tonight is the night for us to teach the first lesson in spanish for the first time! Kinda crazy! Im stoked though, I think we are ready though! There is a lady actually from Honduras that comes to the TRC every wednesday nights at the same time that we come. Last week we didnt get her when we were teaching how to pray but who knows what will happen tonight. She doesnt even know how to speak english and she has cancer. We had one of our teachers, Hermana Gutierrez go talk to her and get her story for us because when you see her she is just one that you want to know more about if you know what I mean! She said that she come here to the MTC a couple nights a week just to literally feel the spirit that presides here with the missionaries! I guess some missionaries last week got her into tears because they had directed their message towards exactly what she was having problems with! This MTC is just so filled with the spirit! Our TRC went really good last week! The guy that we taught was the same guy we had the very first TRC and the lesson just went horrible!! We got really down on ourselves and it just didnt go well, but this last week we just told ourselves that we were going to go in there and go all out with this guys! Afterall it was the 2nd lesson which is some pretty deep stuff so we just knelt down in the hall of the TRC bulding and said a quick prayer that we would be able to have the spirit and remember what we had learned! I dont even know how to tell you how well that lesson went! Im not sure what we said or how we directed it but it really does seem like it was yesterday! We had to tie the Word of Wisdom into the lesson because he was a smoker and drinker! Let me just testify that the lord heard and answered that prayer and as we taught the lesson the spirit was just overwhelming almost! To say the least, this guy who shot us down last week, stood up and asked us for HUG's after the lesson! Ah it just went so good!
So one of the sisters from our district left monday to spain cuz she finally got her visa! Spain and Mexico are like the hardest countries to get visas for! Then theres Honduras and almost all of Central America that just nearly begg us to come in becasue thats what they live off of is tourism! I cant even tell you how stoked I am to get over there! I think I have 3 and half more weeks?? June 14th is our date to get out of here! Oh and this week in one of our classes we did a work shop and our teacher served in a Mexico mission and it was so awesome to just talk to him about the people there in cental America! He mentioned the fact that it says 6 times in the Book of Mormon that "the Field is white already to harvest" and that we have been called to gather these "Elect" people! D&C is so amazing! He promised us that we would have experiences where we find thos "Elect" people who are absolutely ready for our word! That the second they see us and hear our message the spirit will testify to them that this is real and true!
There are so many amazing missionary stories that we have been told that I wish I could tell you before I forget them but I NEVER have time! Im sorry! 
This is so hard! Im not sure what else to tell all you other then the fact that all is going well and wish me and Elder Price luck tonight as we teach the first lesson in spanish and know that you are ALWAYS in my prayers!

Te quierro Mucho!
Love Elder Gardner!!!

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