Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Loves MTC

Hola Familia!!
They all say here in the MTC that if you make it past sunday you will be just fine!
So I guess all that means is that Ill be just fine!
Nah... I love it here in the MTC! It seriously is the best! Im just gonna jump right into what has been going on this week because I know thats all you care about!
My companion is Elder Price, from Shelly, ID! His parents are Boyd and LeAnn Price and he works for Melaluca! Those of you in ID, see if you know them... Maybe we can make that connection! Me and him hit off from the GET-GO! We truely are proof that God makes the call on companionships! I know that to be true! We both are the only left handers in our district, we both have mom's that are the Releif Society Presidents, we both taught the same age group of primary kids before our missions, and we both are Go-gettr's when it comes to volunteering for teaching the lessons! I seriously couldnt have a better companion!
This week we learned how to pray, testify, and introduce ourselves as missionaries... all in spanish of course! Tuesday we learned how to Introduce the Book of Mormon and invite them to read it! That was... fun but interesting!
The language is coming really fast, the lord truely blesses this missionaries with the gift of tongues! Elder Price is struggling a little bit but im praying for him a lot! You all should to! We both need it! ;)
It seems that ever since I got here I have had the worst luck ever!! The very first day during dinner the ketchup dispenser exploded all over my nice clean white shirt! Thank God for Tide-to-go's haha.. and of course the sisters who seem to always have one available for ya! The Food is soooo good here! But compared to the amount of time we spend in the class (11 hrs a day somedays) and the amout of time we get to work it all off... were just bound to gain wait! It dont matter who you are! But oh well... im gonnna sweat it all off once I get out there anyways! Thats what I keep telling myself! Im getting really close to dreaming in spanish to be honest! The second my head hits the pillow all these spanish phrases and words just run through my head all night! Its kinda cool though!
About our district... there are 8 Elders and 2 Hermana's (Sisters) and 6 of the 8 Elders are all from UT and then we got Montana, and of course Idaho! I love every one of them though! We really have developed a loving relationship between all of us! Our teacher served in Argentina and he is awesome! Brother Staples! We all love him, hes an awesome teacher!
Elder Price actually got called as our Districe Leader, and I was called as the Senior companion! So far its been pretty Hectic for the both of us with all the meetings that he has but he's doing great! I dont know what else to say and my clock is tickin... we only have 30 minutes and currently im sitting in the laundry room on the computers there and the keyboard sucks... its really stiff and sticky!
Anyways... I want you all to know that I love you all so much and thank you so much for the letters! Im donig my best to write you all back to just take it easy on me. We hardly have anytime! THIS CHURCH IS TRUE.. I KNOW IT IS!

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